VW Rally Stripes 2012-2018 BEETLE RALLY Vinyl Graphic duel Decals 3M

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VW Rally Stripes 2012-2018 BEETLE RALLY Vinyl Graphic duel Decals 3M

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2012-2018 VW Racing Stripes BEETLE RALLY Vinyl Graphic center Decals kit 3M

This Beetle Rally Stripe Decals Graphic package fits the 2012-2018 VW Beetle. Comes with Hood, Roof and Rear Stripes. Install using the DRY method.

Transform your VW Beetle with this superb Rally stripe decals vinyl graphic accent kit that has been designed specifically for the new 2012-2018 VW Beetle.

The high quality vinyl stripes kit for the Volkswagen Beetle adds a modern feel to the classic shape of the VW Beetle and displays the Beetle name proudly along the lower rocker panel of your car.

The Volkswagen Beetle Rally stripes vinyl graphic decals kit has been precision cut to fit the body shape of the VW Beetle and each section of the vinyl decals kit has been carefully cut from Avery Supreme Wrap high performance automotive grade vinyl or 3M High Grade Vinyl to guarantee you and easy install and a perfect finish every time.

This is the best Beetle Rally Racing striping vinyl graphics decal kit for the 2012-2018 Volkswagen Beetle that money can buy. It easily matches up to the quality that you would get from a VW dealership, but when you buy this VW Beetle vinyl stripes kit at FastCarAccessories.com, you won’t have to pay dealer prices!

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