Are you looking for superior quality automotive Vinyl Graphics? Well, you have just turned up at the right place because we are the top vendor of automotive strips and deal in several brands of auto stripes. You can get hold of Chevy stripes, Kia stripes, Dodge stripes, Chevy Camaro stripes, Ford stripes, Ford Mustang stripes, dodge challenger stripes, dodge charger stripes and Jeep stripes from us. We are continuously working on delivering flawless auto decals and auto graphics. Now we are quite confident about the fact that if you are eager to avail our product, you will surely want to know the warranty details as well. Here is all the essential insight that you need.
Terms and Conditions

· When we receive a warranty request, then we inspect the product first to ensure that the warranty claim is valid and is a manufacturing defect.

· You need to be aware that the warranty is going to be valid if the warranty card is complete. Moreover, you will also need to put forward the proof of your purchase. This proof is your sales slip which should have the serial number of the product. FAST CARS has the right to refuse the warranty if the original information is removed.

· We are liable to replace any of the defective materials provided the claim is made within the warranty time-frame. However, you need to know that the liability of the defective material will not be more than the original product price that you pay.

· All the repairs of the defective materials can only be done at the authorized centers of FAST CARS. We will consider the warranty as void if an attempt to repair is made at any unauthorized service center. We are not responsible for any claims or reimbursements that may be caused due to the unauthorized repair.

· Our terms of warranty do not allow any extension or renewal of the warranty period.

· You need to know that the warranty is only applicable if the defect exists in workmanship, design or material.

· Our warranty will not cover any repairs caused by the usual wear and tear.

· We sell our vinyl films with the understanding that you will only use these films for the intended purpose. If the customer fails to do so, then the warranty will not remain valid. Moreover, the warranty is also not applicable to the incorrect model or make.

· If our auto decals or auto stripes are damaged because you fail to use the product according to the instructions gives in the product manual, then the warranty will not remain valid.

· You need to have knowledge about the fact that the warranty is not transferable as well. It can only be claimed by you if you are the original customer.

· The warranty period commences immediately when you receive your order. For claiming the warranty, you need to contact us at You may also fill up the warranty form to acquire the warranty service. All the warranty services are strictly processed through the website only.

· If you have purchased multiple products from us, then after contacting us you will await our special instructions to take your request to the next step.

Warranty form details

To promote your ease, the warranty form is available on the website of FAST CARS. You will need to enter your full name, email address, order no and details. Now the details field will require you to enter information regarding why you need to make use of the warranty. All the fields mentioned in the warranty form are mandatory, and you need to fill them out. Once all the relevant details have been entered, then you can click the submit button.
After receiving your warranty form details, our customer support team will get back to you at the earliest.

Product wise details of the warranty

The following are the warranty details as per the product.
- Vinyl Graphics Stripe Decal Kits: These kits are available with a 7-year warranty.
- 3M Vinyl Decals: You can get a 5 to 7-year warranty for the 3M Vinyl Decals that are a wet install product. You can also get a limited 2-year horizontal warranty. This includes the warranty of 3M High-Performance Automotive Grade Vinyl.
- Avery Supreme Wrap Premium Vinyl Decals: If you choose Avery Supreme Wrap Premium Vinyl Decals, then you need to know that it is a dry install and you get a limited warranty of about 7 years.

The details of the warranty

The following are some more details regarding the warranty of FASTCARS.
· If there has been any change in your address, then you have to communicate that for the continuation of your product warranty.
· The visiting charges towards the inspection will be as per the discretion of the company.
· It is essential for you to know that the warranty will not cover the cost of the transportation of the product to the service center.
· If you try to make any modification to the auto stripes, then the warranty will not be applicable in this case.