Why Choose Fast Car Accessories for your Vinyl Graphic Stripe kits?


Established in 1988,FastCarAccessories.com is a family owned and managed business that supplies best quality car stripe kits through outlet stores and through its online store. The company manufacture and sell high-quality vinyl graphic decal stripe kits for all the major brands of cars, including Chevy Camaro SS, Camaro RS and Cruze and Corvette.


FastCarAccessories.com vinyl decal kits provide a professional quality stripe job on cars and all the kits are sold with a 5-7 year guarantee. Other decal kits sold by Fast Car Accessories include decals stripe kits for Dodge Ram Trucks, Ram Hemi Trucks, F-150 Pickup Truck, Ram Pickup Trucks, Ford F-Series Truck, and many, many more.


Fast Car Accessories use precision cutting tools and software to ensure that stripe installation is fast and easy and it can be done with the minimal amount of trimming. With FastCarAccessories.com vinyl decal kits, you are guaranteed to get the OEM look at half the price.


FastCarAccessories.com specializes in rally and racing style decal kits. Custom packages are also available for the fenders, lower rockers, doors, trunk, and roof of most major models and make of cars.


Professional Service

FastCarAccessories.com is extremely proud of the high quality, dependable, professional service that it offers. 3M professional, high- performance grade vinyl, which carries a guarantee of 5-7 years, is used to make the vinyl decals and stripes, or Avery Supreme Wrap Pro-series vinyl, which carries a straight 7-year guarantee.


FastCarAccessories.com will replace any defective materials, so long as the customer makes a claim against the guarantee within the specified time period. The warranty will only be valid if FastCarAccessories.com vinyl decal kits have been used for the purpose for which they were designed and they were installed on the make and model of car that the kit was designed for. All warranties are non-transferable and claims may only be made by the original purchaser. The warranty period commences on the delivery of the order.


Online Car Accessory Store

FastCarAccessories.com is an online supplier of vinyl decal kits. Orders are dispatched, usually within 24 hours of receiving the order, and delivered directly to the doorstep of the customer. FastCarAccessories.com is fully committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. The customer service department is available at fastcaraccessories@gmail.com or can be contacted by completing the online contact form.


The FastCarAccessories.com customer service team is an experienced team of car enthusiasts with a passion for vinyl decals and stripes. They will be pleased to answer any questions from customers and provide advice on FastCarAccessories.com decals kits, both before and after purchase. Customers can also contact Fast car Accessories at 812-725-1410.